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How Much Instagram Pay ? Influencer Reality Check

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1. No Webpage Link In Your Bio

Lack of Professional Approach Towards Business

A brand doesn’t get full information of your work from your Bio in detail, as Instagram limits the number of characters for your bio.

A brand doesn’t see Information straight way which must include your’s About You Section; Statistics for Instagram; Marketing Proposal; Post Charges; Payment Link; Previous Work or Affiliation; Exclusive Work Pictures; Giveaways; All Social Media Platforms; Contact Info etc.

Users of Webnest 35 have everything ready in advance with just 1 Free Webpage link in their BIO which contains their preferred Information.

Example -:

Be always ready for action to capitalise the Instagram influencer market, as the competition is growing really fast. Stand out as a professional Influencer, put an amazing first impression on the brands that you want to work with.

2. Not Driving Traffic From Instagram To Webpage

Instagram doesn’t Pay You For The Traffic You Generate

Did You Know - Instagram Doesn’t Allow Amazon Affiliate Marketing ?

A Webpage link will generate a passive income, if you can learn the art to drive your Instagram traffic to your Link In The Bio.

Webpage Link where you can Host a giveaway or announce results; Show Exclusive Information & Pictures etc, the Instagram followers will go to the webpage where they will see amazon advertisements and they won’t be able to resists clicking the add which will take them to amazon platform.

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate

Amazon will notice the traffic coming through your webpage and pay commission on whatever your follower will buy in the 24 hour timeline. The amazing thing about amazon is you can choose any kind of product and advertise it on your webpage.

Webnest 35 setups this affiliation process for the users who love amazon affiliate marketing.

Example -:

Start earning your passive income today by driving traffic and showcasing your exclusive work on the free webpage by Webnest 35.

3. Not Indexed On Google

A Webpage will be indexed on google which means, if someone searches about you or your work in your particular field on search engine then google will show up your information on your free Webnest 35 webpage.

Did you know Google has 3.5 billion searches per day and 40,000 searches per second which far more than Instagram traffic. Google will expand your reach on the internet and will drive traffic to instagram as well. Be popular as influencer and in your profession. Get more clients today for your work, Webnest 35 works on SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) on your free Webpage which helps it rank on the top google searches in your field of work.

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Instagram News KNOW 3 REASONS WHY YOUR INSTAGRAM IS NOT MAKING MONEY. Find Out How Much Instagram Pay. Know Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate

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