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I am Chef Samrat Mitra. Born and brought up in Delhi which is the amalgamation of various cultures, I always had craze for food. And now I am a chef.

Having served in some the fancy five star restaurants creating delicious delicacies for guests all round the world, I strongly believe anyone can cook, if you have love in the heart and passion in the spirit.

So I have started making simple food videos in my YouTube channel for the little chef in you. So even if you have never stepped into the kitchen, no problem. Next time you get a craving in the midnight or just want to make ur hands dirty just hop into ur kitchen and see one of my videos and just start cooking.

Hey wait, are you one of those who doesn't like to cook but want to treat your eyes with good tasty looking foods then follow me on Instagram. DM me if you are curious about a dish or in case you wanna find out about a cuisine or want a review about a restaurant.

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Top Chef In India - Chef India Samrat Mitra, Born and brought up in Delhi. Served at five stars. Know Chef Salary In India At Webnest 35

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